Vehicle positioning and tracking / optical system - Zenotrack

The optical vehicle positioning system from Zenotrack is suitable for the continual tracking of vehicles in indoor areas.
It is based on the patented Zeno Track procedure and consists of two optimally supplemented software systems, which both use images taken by the Zeno Cam as an information base:


Human readable markings in the warehouse (e.g. on shelves, on the floor or walls), which could also be used as an orientation aid by the fork lift truck driver, to find the storage space that they are looking for, are identified by the system and serve as reference points for position determination.


During feature tracking, high contrast structures (features) on the warehouse floor (e.g. soiling, tyre tracks, floor structures etc.) are used. According to the principle of the optical mouse, the vehicle movement is determined by the system. The ongoing changes to these structures do not pose a problem to the system.